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Last essay of the semester

Well, this was the last essay of the summer term.  It's really a letter, not an essay.  I was supposed to write to future students of the class about how to get an F in the class.  Enjoy.

Now I'm going to review my spanish before the next semester starts.  This semester's spanish is going to be difficult, since it's conversational spanish.  Not just learning verbs, nouns, and conjugation.  Now I have to be able to actually use it in a conversation.

Must be a record

I just finished all of my school assignments, and it's not even nine o'clock yet.  That has got to be a record for me.  Also, I think the teacher messed up one of the questions.  I'm not for certain sure, but I'm pretty sure.


Essay 5

Here is essay numero cinco.  

It really doesn't make sense to me

I find myself writing more essays in history then I did when I took english.  Two of them were summaries of lectures, and two of them are about a book that has a setting in history in some way or another.  And the ones about the book are worth more than the ones about the lectures.  Go figure.  I have to write an essay every week for this class.   

I'm learning English in a History class.  It should be a double credit class.

And they tell me that community colleges are much easier than regular colleges.  Yeah right.


I finally got my headshots!!!  Yay!!!

In other news, I'm still working on my astronomy tests and history essay.

I'm also starting to get seriously annoyed at the boys and Catherine.


So this weekend I have 3 take home tests for astronomy, research about global warming for astronomy, a 1000 word essay for history, and ushering at TLT.  

It's going to be a long weekend.

Random thoughts

I was wondering the other night, why do people watch television?  Sure, it entertains, but why do they really watch it?  I find myself getting bummed out and depressed when I watch shows and movies lately.  Yet, I still continue to watch.  

Then again, maybe people really do watch it just because it's entertaining.

And maybe I'm just an irrational person.  

Or something like that, anyway.


Essay 4


I hate essays.  Here's number four.  Two more to go.

Motorcycle statistics

Mommy gave me a challenge: to prove statistically that it would be safer for me to have a motorcycle.  Unfortunately, I can't find any statistics about scooters, but here is what I can find and form about motorcycles.


Thoughts about movies

How do you find movies to watch that you think you will like?  What are some of the criteria that you look for in choosing the next one that you watch?


Me, I look at a couple of different things.  For instance, I look at the name of the movie.  If I’m scanning titles and see something like “Hide and Seek” I’ll almost certainly skip it in favor of the one called “Hitman”, because it sounds more like my kind of movie.  Sometimes, though, I’ll see an actor that I think did a good job and I’ll search for other movies that that actor has played in.  For example, I liked Steven Seagal in “Above the Law” so I went and found more movies that he had acted in.  While they weren’t of the same quality as the first one, they were all the same basic type of movie that I happen to enjoy. 


So, how do you choose your next movie?