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Fun, fun, in progress

My sister and I decided to make a story by going back and forth. Here's what we have so far.

DawnClyde: long ago in the farthest reaches of the galaxy was a small planet by the name of mallega.

JulepDixen: On this planet there was a girl, who had an assignment.

DawnClyde: a black cloud hovered over her all day as she thought of this horrible assignment.

JulepDixen: There were only two options: complete the assignment, or suffer dire consequences.

DawnClyde: so of course there really was no choice at all, she had to complete the assignment at all costs, for when the council said dire consequences they meant dire consequences.

JulepDixen: So she set out to gather the necessary items.

first on her list, tea made from seaweed found in one of the three fresh water seas.

JulepDixen: The second item was a hive of bees.

DawnClyde: third, a sacred battle axe which had been coated in a strong poison called pentall

JulepDixen: With these three items, she set out to complete her mission.

DawnClyde: she had been assigned to check out the site where a strange meteor had crashed three days ago, but in order to reach the site where the meteor had landed she must first pass through the forest of ages, thus her preparations

JulepDixen: With her tea, bee hive, and poisoned battle ax, she ventured forth through the forest of ages. She had barely gone far enough to be out of sight of the edge of the forest, when she came upon a strange sight.

DawnClyde: the air was sweet and sticky, before her sat the biggest tree stump she'd ever seen, but nobody ever came to the forest of ages, in fact most people considered it to be haunted, why then had this giant tree been cut cleanly through as it had?

JulepDixen: Cautious now, she continued forth. The answer was most likely at the site of the meteor crash.

images of giant beasts with enormous claws danced in her head.

JulepDixen: The thought of the three days it would take to get through the forest chilled her. She gripped the ax tighter and watched the surrounding woods carefully.

DawnClyde: a sudden sound startled her and she nearly dropped the beehive, merely a bird, thank goodness

JulepDixen: But it was a very strange bird, she noticed as she took a second look. It was unlike any she had ever seen and it seemed to be watching her. As she started walking again, it followed her.

DawnClyde: creepy, but something as small as a bird could hardly harm her, after all she was one of the best warriors in her tribe, she pressed on.

JulepDixen: When the day came to a close, she set out to make a camp. Mindful of the tree stump from earlier, she made sure to set traps to warn her if anything approached. The bird sat and watched her intently.

DawnClyde: a furry little animal scurried out her pack, " there you are Jing, I've been wondering when you were going to make an appearance, but you've been in my pack this whole time you naughty little rascal" Jing was her link to the creatures of the forest through him she could trade or even exchange bits of information with the native forest dwellers.

JulepDixen: The woods had grown very dark by this time, and very chilly, so she built a small fire.

that bird’s watchful gaze made her curious, but Jing had already curled up and shut himself off from the world, and besides, she didn't even know if the bird was of the type that Jing could communicate with. The fire only provided so much warmth, so she decided to follow Jing's example, pulling a small fur from her pack she curled up near the fire. I can always puzzle it out tomorrow. She thought sleepily.

JulepDixen: She awoke bright and early the next morning. The bird was still there, the fire was out, and Jing had decided at some point during the night to crawl under her blankets.


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Sep. 14th, 2009 08:08 pm (UTC)
i like it keep it up!
of course i havn't seen the others yet. LOL
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