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Fun, fun, in progress: Part three

Here's part three of the ongoing story.  What will happen next?  Why don't you READ and find out?  :P


DawnClyde: Upon seeing the bird she had dropped Jing and pulled her battle ax out in record time , for in all this fog the bird had seemed to be an intangible shadow form that could very well have been a spirit. She realized what it was however and picked the disgruntled Jing back up. "Quick Jing, translate what the bird has to say before another unfortunate event occurs," she said nearly shoving him into the birds sharp beak. "Yes, yes, I know you're mad at me, just hurry up."


JulepDixen: With Jing shoved up against its face, the bird took on a disgruntled attitude and hopped to the ground.  Turning its back on her, it lifted it's beak into the air and generally decided to ignore her.  Jing also seemed very displeased with her.  After all, she had woken him out of a sound sleep when the bees attacked, gotten very annoyed with him about the bird, had scared him with the ax, had dropped him on the ground, and then shoved him in the bird's face.  The thoughts that he sent to her were most unpleasant and generally came to the fact that even IF the bird were to tell him what it had to say, he wasn't going to tell her.


DawnClyde: "Well could one of you at least help me figure out haw to get back to the camp? Anybody? Great, just great.  As if I didn't have enough going on with you two on my hands. This infernal fog, I've never seen fog this thick before in my entire life."


JulepDixen: Jing sent some thoughts to her.  "The only thing back in the camp is the smashed bee hive, so I don't see why you want to go back.  You got everything else when you ran from the silly bees."  She glowered at him and he sniffed and turned his back on her.  "Fine, I'll just have to find my way back there on my own then.  I can at least save some of the honeycombs to chew on.  You should know that they are vital to our survival at the moment, since they are our only food source for the time being.  Unless I decide that this bird would tasty." 


DawnClyde: The bird gave a half choked squawking sound that made one wonder as to its health, and scuttled off behind the nearest bush, causing the surrounding fog to swirl about gleefully, completely hiding the bush from view.


JulepDixen: She smirked, and picked up the unhappy Jing.  Stuffing him into the backpack, she started picking her way back toward the camp, following the ice cubes that were once bees.  She managed to find the camp just as the fog was lifting.  Picking up what she could salvage from the hive, she turned to continue on her journey to the meteor crash site.  About halfway through the day, she noticed that the bird was still following her, albeit at a safe distance.  She ignored it, thinking that if it was important, it would approach and give its message to Jing for her.



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