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Last year:

ASM for Mame
Spring classes- Oral Interp was the only bright spot in my entire class schedule.  I loved that class.
Family went to Disney WITHOUT me- four times
Passed Spanish 2 with a C
Went to Disneyworld and saw Amanda
Started stage managing in Monticello but had to quit
Went to the beach with Brent and Justin
Took summer classes for the first time
Got sick again
Went to the doctor several times
Auditioned for Singing in the Rain and made ensamble, again
Lost my voice for almost the entire rehearsal period
Went to my first Halloween party
Competely failed at NaNoWriMo
Failed at finishing my book
Went to FTC and spent an afternoon with Amanda and Currie
Somehow managed to pass Spanish 3 with a C
Went to my first New Years Eve party



This year:

Get a job
Pass spring classes
Go to the strawberry festival for a weekend
Get a part in Peter Pan
Start rollerskating classes
Take some sort of martial arts class
Finish my book
Decorate my (NEW) room


Fun, fun, in progress: Part three

Here's part three of the ongoing story.  What will happen next?  Why don't you READ and find out?  :P


Parte tres...Collapse )

Fun, fun, in progress: Part 2

Here's the second part of the ongoing story.  What will happen next?  We don't know...


Read more...Collapse )

Christmas wish list

Okay, William wanted to know what I wanted for christmas so here it is.

Amazon List  (The things on this amazon list are specific  things that I want, not general.)

Small, good quality digital camera  (So that when I go to parties and stuff I don't have to carry around mommy's big camera, but can still get good quality pictures.)

Nice set of drawing pencils  (I like to sketch, but all I have is my writing pencils and they don't draw very well.)

There you go.  That's all I could come up with that I want at the present time.  Well, all that I want that others can get for me.  There are some things that I want but would want to pick them out for myself at the store.

Fun, fun, in progress

My sister and I decided to make a story by going back and forth. Here's what we have so far.

Ready, set, READ...Collapse )

So aside from still coughing my lungs out, I'm feeling marginally better.  I have my voice back, I feel awake, and my stomach has stopped churning everytime I think about doing something or eating.  Food still tastes funny, but at least I can get it down.  I think finally having a weekend to myself helped quite a bit.  Still, going back to the doctor on Wednesday and hopefully getting a culture done to find out what exactly is causing me to be ill.





Idiot drivers

Ok, so you've probably heard me say this before, but there are a TON of idiot drivers here in Tallahassee.  Just today on my way home I was behind at least three different idiot drivers.  The first one saw the speed limit sign that said 45mph and decided to go 35mph.  Then, when another car turned onto the road, from a side road on the left hand side, turning to go the opposite way than the us, the guy in front of me decided to slam on his brakes and continue down the road at 20mph, finally turning off the road some five-seven miles later.  Then another car gets in front of me and sees the speed limit sign and decides to go about 30mph instead of the 45mph.  He finally turns off and just as I'm starting to reach the speed limit, another car comes zipping up a side road and pulls out directly in front of me without stopping at his stop sign, and proceeds to cruise along at 30mph, causing me to yet again hit the brakes.

Why can't people just obey the rules of the road and show courtesy to other drivers????  Is it really to much to ask???



So I'm trying to come up with something that I can write about every week that won't be too long.  Something that I could convince the Havana Herald to publish.  So far the only thing I have come up with is "The Adventures of a Tallahassee Squirrel".  But even with that title I can't seem to come up with any adventures for the squirrel.  :(  Any ideas anyone?  (And no, mommy, I'm not going to write about my adventures as a student.  I don't have any adventures as a student.)


I was looking at the projected path for hurricane Hanna, and it just doesn't make sense to me.  It looks like it turned around and is head back the way it came, but they still say that it is going to go up the east coast.  To do that it would have to completely turn around and with the cold front and high pressure areas pushing it away, I don't see how it is going to do that.  Now, I realize that I'm not a meteorologist, but it really doesn't make sense that a storm would turn completely around and head towards a high pressure area. 

But, then again, it also doesn't make sense to me how parking at TCC could be even worse this semester than it was before when there is now a five or six story free parking garage on campus. 


Aug. 14th, 2008


Well, I auditioned for Singing in the Rain, but didn't get a callback.  That probably means that if I do get cast, it probably won't be a speaking role.  Bummer.   :(